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How to get involved with Wireless Toronto:

The best way to start contributing to WirelessToronto is to come to our meetings and sign up for our email lists. Ways you can get involved include:

  1. Adopt a hotspot: If there's a WirelessToronto hotspot that's near you, consider "adopting" it -- by fixing it if it goes down, and helping out users who are having trouble connecting.
  2. Make a donation: A few bucks can go a long way in inproving or expanding the Wireless Toronto network, so why not make a donation.

  3. Recruit new venues: Find new places for us to set up WirelessToronto hotspots! Parks, cafes, community centres, libraries, restaurants, malls, etc.
  4. Create/find content for community pages: Help us put great, locally-oriented information on our community portal pages. Be a blogger-in-residence, research local history, take photos, or propose something totally new!
  5. Get technical: String up cables, install routers, help us improve the community portal pages, etc. If you have experience with PHP, embedded Linux, RSS feeds, content management systems, or GIS (to name a few) we could use your help!