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What are the Toronto Wireless Mailing lists?

Signing up to the Wireless Toronto email lists is a good way to find out more about the group and get involved.

News list

By signing up to the Wireless Toronto News email list you will get occasional emails about developments such as new hotspots or the next meeting. This is a low volume list, typically you will get one email every week or two. Subscribe to the news list.

Discussion list

The Wireless Toronto Discussion email list is where internal group conversations take place. This is the list to sign up for if you want to get involved in the group, or just find out more about what we are doing. The email volume on this list is higher, often several emails per day - but you can choose to receive the day's activity in one 'digest' email if you prefer. Subscribe to the discussion list.

How do the Mailing Lists Work?

The news list works much like any other email newsletter, you submit your email address to the system (using the subsribe form to the left) and then receive semi-regular emails giving you the latest news about Wireless Toronto.

The discussion list is a system that allows each list member to send emails to the whole group. For example, member X sends an email to the address of the list (a standard email address) about a discussion topic, such as a new lead on a hotspot location. The email list system then automatically forwards that email message to all members of the list, who can in turn reply to the list email address.

Are there archives of previous email list activity?

Yes, discuss list archives and announce list archives.

Will you use my email to sell me anything?

No, we will only send announcements and discussion emails to the address you subscribe with.

Can I unsubscribe from the email lists?

Yes, you can unsubscribe from the lists anytime you like. Discussion list unsubscribe and news list unsubscribe.