Toronto wifi maps

In just the past few months, two new sites have launched, collecting & mapping info on locations of free wifi locations in Toronto.

“FWIT” offers short writeups on many spots: intends to map a user-gen list of hotspots, the WT hotspots, the TPL hotspots, and paid hotspots:

The original (as far as I know) in Toronto was Wireless Bandit, which was active from 2003-2005:

I really liked the Seattle/Vancouver Wifi Mug, but the wiki’s filling up with spam and the Google Map is broken: is attempting a global wifi map:

There are a bunch of important challenges to successfully running a site like this:
1) Collecting the information, either through legwork or by encouraging contributions from others.
2) Presenting the information in a helpful way, recognizing that different people will have different needs. (Is the captive portal mobile-friendly? Are there lots of power outlets? etc.)
3) Surely the hardest: keeping it up-to-date.

People often (very often) mistake as a website which maps free hotspots in Toronto (while in reality we set up free hotspots) — clearly people are looking for this kind of info. While we’d love to also map out others’ free wifi hotspots, we’ve got our hands full running and expanding our network… I hope that one (or more!) of these sites are successful!

2 thoughts on “Toronto wifi maps

  1. Maybe you guys should also do that, rather than pointing your visitors to another site. You have their trust and they recognize your brand. Why not offer them the information they’re looking for (or limit it to only the hotspots you have setup) so everyone wins.

  2. That’s a great idea, Sarah — we definitely should have more information about the hotspots in our network. Availability of power plugs, seating, etc. We’ve got plans to launch a new website, and this is definitely a feature that we should add…

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