WT at Dufferin Grove Park for Jane’s Walk, May 1st

This Saturday, May 1st, WT will have a table at Dufferin Grove Park for Jane’s Walk. We’ll be chatting with folks about what we do, the service in the park, etc. One of the routers in the park is down, so this seems like the perfect time to fix that, too. There are official walks from 11-1 and 4-6, but if it’s a nice day there’ll probably be people around all day.

DGP is one of my favourite places in the city to spend the day; plan to come by and hang out!

More info:


WT volunteer tech training workshop

IMG_0016It’s been a while since I ran a router flashing/configuring/troubleshooting workshop. So I’m going to do one on Monday the 23rd, at 5:45pm, at 215 Spadina Ave., 4th floor.

The objective of this workshop (for me) is:

1. To train other folks so that they can help with Wireless Toronto router installations and/or to help fix routers that go down.

The objectives of this workshop (for you) are:

1. To learn how to do some basic stuff, so that you feel comfortable “adopting” a Wireless Toronto hotspot near you, and/or help installing new Wireless Toronto hotspots.
2. To learn generally about advanced wifi router configuration.

Here’s the tentative plan:

PART 1: Linksys WRT54GL
– Flashing firmware: why and how
– How to set up a router with wifidog for a Wireless Toronto hotspot
– A little bit about the wifidog auth server
– A teensy bit about tweaking settings for better wifi performance
– Things that might go wrong, and what to do if they do

PART 2: Open-mesh
– Mesh networks: what and why
– What I like and don’t like about open-mesh
– Compatible hardware
– How to set up a basic open-mesh network
– Things that might go wrong, and what to do if they do

I’m only going to cover concepts and technologies that directly relate to what Wireless Toronto does. If you’re interested in other stuff too, that’s totally cool — I’ll do my best to answer questions in the workshop, and we’ll have plenty of time to chat about other stuff over drinks afterwards. It’s not imperative that you bring a laptop, but it’s a good idea.

If you’re interested, but can’t make it on the 23rd, email me off-list — I’m open to scheduling another similar workshop in December or January. If people are interested, we can also plan some kind of advanced masterclass or something.

If you plan to come, drop me an email, just so I have a general idea of how many people are coming.

Volunteers needed for BIG on Bloor street festival (Sat 20 June)

Hi everyone,

This Saturday (20 June) Wireless Toronto will be participating in the BIG on Bloor street festival.

The plan is to set up a temporary mesh network in an area of the festival between Ossington and Dovercourt (see the map here).

In addition, we will be manning a stall/table in that same area where we will be hanging out, using the Wi-Fi, telling people about us, selling (I heart community wi-fi) t-shirts and buttons etc.

In order to make the event a success, we’re gonna need as much help as possible. We need YOU!

There are all kinds of ways you can be of help, from setting up and testing the network itself, helping people connect, telling people what we do to just hanging out and being a smiling face of our group of friendly volunteers.

We are going to have a brief meeting on Friday (19th) at The Centre for Social Innovation (215 Spadina, 4th Floor) at 6pm just to go over what the following day will entail.

I encourage you all to come along! I’m sure the more people we have involved the more awesome we can make the event.

Wireless Toronto volunteer meeting: April 21

The next Wireless Toronto volunteer meeting will be on Tuesday, April 21st, 6-8pm, at the Centre for Social Innovation, 4th floor.  (215 Spadina Ave., between Queen and Dundas)

We haven’t met in a while, so it’s a great time to come out if you’ve never been to one of our meetings.  We’ll catch everyone up on what we’ve been up to, and talk about some opportunities this spring and summer.  Lots of ways to get involved, for designers, techies, writers, community folks, etc.  Hope to see you there…!

More hotspots for Toronto!

The article below made me think it’s time to get a few new hotspots on the Wireless Toronto map.

Not only have a few WT spots have gone out of business/shutdown, but I’ve seen tons of new spaces that seem perfect for provisioning free wi-fi! With spring not so far away, it seems that a venue sprint or something of the like would be in order… any ideas or takers?


Montrealers claim to lead Canada in free Wi-Fi
By: Greg Meckbach
ComputerWorld Canada (11 Jan 2008)
Montrealers could soon boast their city has the largest number of free Wi-Fi hot spots, says an administrator of Ile Sans Fils (ISF) , a group of volunteers that helps business owners install wireless Internet access for their customers in Montreal.

Richard Lussier, an administrator with ISF, said he group has installed about 155 free hot spots, serving about 60,000 users.


In Canada, Toronto has the Wireless Toronto Centre for Social Innovation, which includes 38 businesses operating hot spots. Users who want to pay for Wi-Fi connectivity can hook up to One Zone, operated by Toronto Hydro Telecom in the downtown area.

Fun wifi event January 23rd, you’re all invited

Talk/Drinks/Beats at Lot 16 (1136 Queen St West)
Tuesday Jan 23, 2007 7-11PM
No cover, cash bar, free nibbles

7:00 PM – Welcome & Social
8:00 PM – Talks & Discussion
9:30 PM – DJ & Drinks

Wireless Toronto is hosting an open discussion/meet & greet with some
of Canada’s best known community wifi innovators and researchers at the
Lot 16 bar.

Featuring brief presentations by Michael Lenczner of Ile Sans Fil and Graham Longford from the Community Wireless Infrastructure Research Project.

If you’re curious about wifi, social media, alternative communications,
telecom policy… come join us on Jan 23rd for a fun night.

Sign up on Upcoming, Locate the venue on Google Maps